Student Q + A: Presidential Debate

Tuesday’s presidential debate ended with tons of different ideas presented by the candidates, and tons of different opinions given by all those who watched. Lets see what St. John’s students had to say about it.

Obama and McCain
Obama and McCain

Chris H, Junior: “I can tell that they definately don’t like each other. If you saw at the end when McCain patted Obama on the back, Obama avoided shaking his hand and shook his (McCain’s) wife’s hand instead. This debate showed me exactly how different these two men actually are.”

Nicholas Q, Senior: “Both candidates bounced around the questions, but that’s expected in debates. I think McCain may have answered a few questions better than Obama because Obama tends to drag out his answers. But at the same time, McCain did say a lot of things that I didn’t believe were honest.”

Jeffery J, Junior: “I learned that they both had something to do with the current economic crises we’re in. Both of them gave examples of times when the other had sided with big business in some way. And both of their campaigns have recieved contributions from these big businesses. They may have completely different opinions, but all politicians are somewhat alike.”

-Jonnathan Coleman

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