Inside Gate 6, Reactions to the Presidential Debate

Hello St. John’s,

Last Nights New England-styled town hall Presidential Debate stood as a  forum for both candidates to let their hair down and attack the issues the public were concerned with. It allowed most voters to understand where both parties stand, without the help of fully prepared responses given by both candidates. I asked a couple students to give me their thoughts on the debate, and this is what they said…

Donnie, Junior- “Both were trying to get their agenda out, without any care of time. McCain would just talk about his plans and just accuse Obama of many different kinds of slanders since becoming a Senator, and Obama had an answer for all of it, and delivered it in a manor that made me believe in what he was saying. All in all, Obama more than secured a spot on my ballot.”

Christina, Sophomore– “I felt as if McCain kept Obama on his toes throughout the debate, and Obama seemed to stumble for some of his responses. Though I felt Obama did a good job at the beginning, he seemed to fade away towards the end, whereas McCain steadily stayed strong all night, and hit on all the points i wanted to hear, while adding a little humor along the way. I think last night really changed the way I will look at the two when I go to vote.

With one more debate left, it will be interesting to see what both candidates will have in store for us, and we will see the final outcome of their efforts on November 4th

~Matt Goulet

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