Inside Gate 6: Student Reactions to the Debate


Donkey Dish

Look into our angry, angry faces. Photo: Donkey Dish

So many people have different opinions over the debate that happened Tuesday night, but here is what some St. John’s students had to say in regards to the debate.

Alexa A., senior: “I’m a Democrat, and Obama stumbled during his talks, but he had stronger points. McCain didn’t connect very much at all with the audience. Obama had better interaction. With the earmarks, I don’t think we got a clear view. I felt like we needed fact checking. Going on their own times was funny. But after the Palin and Biden debate, Obama gave us more definitive answers, which is something I can appreciate.”

Jessica W.: “When McCain said “Before this, I’m sure you didn’t know what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were…”, that was pretty offensive. For him to just assume, that’s ignorant and disrespectful.”

Alexis G., junior: “These can’t be called debates. Both are just given opportunities to give their stances. They made it clear what their stances are. They didn’t present anything new. But Obama’s 95% stat of small businesses making under $250,000 is false. You can’t even have employees if you are making under that. Then you have to cover the cost of insurance and other items.”

Robert I., sophomore: “I thought it was hilarious. McCain had a good point about the $3 milllion astronomy projector. The remarks about finding out the fine for the night was funny too. At the end, I feel more comfortable voting for McCain.”

Look out for more student opinions.

-Alex Quevedo

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