Beyond Gate 6


There’s a lot of stuff going on, and here’s some of the top things:

Economy: What me worry? The Dow has hit a 5 year low after the bailout plan went into action. There’s your worry. The Dow ended with a 500 point loss, and nearly 900-point loss over the past two days.

Sports: With three decisive game 4s , the Championship Series for each league has been settled. The Los Angeles Dodgers swept the Chicago Cubs over the weekend, proving the best regular season team doesn’t make the best playoff team. The Philadephia Phillies knocked around Milwuakee Brewers with a 6-2 win, the Tampa Bay Rays outed the Chicago White Sox 6-2, and the Boston Red Sox rallied to knock out the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Courtesy Washington Post

Courtesy Washington Post

Crime: OJ Simpson definitely did it this time. Facing life in jail, OJ’s attourneys are appealing the conviction. He, along with Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges relating to a September 13, 2007 incident at a Las Vegas hotel. Sadly, there may be no white Bronco this time. But time may prove us wrong!

Tech: Google has added links to YouTube videos to buy music. Now, when viewing a video with a music track, you can be directed to Amazon’s mp3 service or Apple’s iTunes. It is an attempt from Google to profit from its YouTube branch.

And there’s a quick look.

-Alex Quevedo

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