Angry Johnnie: No Concert for You


Homecoming is rapidly approaching and while the school has plenty of stuff going on throughout the week, there is one major thing missing: a concert. Last year, students were greeted with a solid performance by the Gym Class Heroes (with The Pack opening up for them). It was free, which made it even better.

Photo Courtesy of Starpulse

Photo Courtesy of Starpulse

Yet nothing was planned for this year. What gives? The school has done their surveys about what bands or acts students would like to see. All those artists couldn’t have possibly been busy this week, given the broad range of options. Even bands that weren’t choices could have been looked into. A concert would have made for a great stress reliever with midterms approaching. Unfortunately, the music is nowhere to be heard.

Perhaps the school will step up next semester and offer a great concert. But don’t exactly count on it.

-Alex Quevedo

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One Response to “Angry Johnnie: No Concert for You”

  1. John Says:

    This was the only week campus activities could possibly have homecoming and Carnesecca arena wasn’t finished yet, it all had to do with timing. There were artists set to perform but it couldn’t happen without a place to hold the concert.

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