Beyond Gate 6, Surf the Channel

Movies on your St. John's approved laptops!

Movies on your St. John's Approved laptop!

Hello fellow St. Johnners,

Have you ever been craving to see a movie, but did not own it on DVD (or VHS for out old-school viewers) and Blockbuster was not the best of ideas at the moment? Well, here is a website that may become your new best friend…

Surf The Channel is a website that has every movie you have ever wanted to see, and more! The site acts like a third party to other internet movie sites, while displaying its selections in an easy-to-navigate format, placing every available movie from every site in alphabetical order. This basically saved my life this weekend. I have not seen Green Street Hooligans, and had been dying to see it. Next thing I knew, I embarked myself into a cinematic ride through the firm systems of the English soccer (or football) community.

Now, let’s say you missed tonight’s episode of Entourage (Where the boys trip on shrooms out at the Joshua Tree), well no need to fear, Surf The Channel is here to help you out as well. It also host plenty of television series past and present, and allows you to watch any episode in any order you want. Now, you and your girls can go through an entire season of Sex and the City, and not have to pay a penny!

So, for all you kiddos looking for a break this week from studying for mid-terms (like myself), here is your savior.

~Matt Goulet

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