Let’s go Red storm!

As a member of St. John’s University volleyball team, I am really proud of every single one, and respect all of our coaches.

For this season, we began to practice from August 8, and we call it scary pre-season, which include tears, fight, soreness, pain and so on. Unfortunately, when time passes by, we lost our first game to Berkeley at August 29 in California. They are good team, but we were sweet sixteen last year. This failure really let us down at that time. The whole team was upset.

“Let’s carry the rage to every single practice,” a teammate said.

Things are changing, and also our team is changing. The Big East Conference Game finally began in the Taffner Field House at September 26. We defeated two best teams since then, but today, unacceptable, we lost Marquette, a team even didn’t make NCAA last year. “A good player has to carry on the good and bad things.” For St. John’s University volleyball team, tonight is a long night. We will come back again strongly.

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