Beyond Gate 6: Human Rights in China

What is happening about Chinese people’s human rights? As a citizen of China, does she/he feel secured under the government’s control?

A group of Canadian human-rights activists and computer security researchers has discovered a huge surveillance system in China that monitors and archives certain Internet text conversations that include politically charged words, such as communist, Tiananmen Square, milk powder, voice of America, quit the party and so forth. Behind each one of those phrases, there is a story to tell. For example, the milk powder, up till September 16, 2008, there were 1253 babies were sicken by Sanlu (the milk powder company’s name) milk powder, which contaminated with melamine.

Researchers in China have estimated that 30,000 or more “Internet police monitor online traffic, web sites offending content in what is called the Golden Shield Project or the Great Firewall of China. Once those “Internet Police” found out those skeptical words, they just took the whole thing out.

Moreover, a Sichuan teacher, Liu Shaokun was sentenced to one year of Reeducation-Through-Labor (RTL) after just posting online his photographs of collapsed school building in quake-affected areas.

Just think, what are the human rights?

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