St. John’s in the City

What’s going on, my friendly Johnnies,

This weekend is the start to one of my favorite events on that lonely island across the way.

Being a huge fan of the comedic arts, I love to go out to Manhattan, find a small, unknown comedy bar, sit back and watch the beginning of many comedy careers. It is a great way to share some laughs with friends or even a great relationship starter. If that’s what you need this weekend, here is your ticket…

This weekend is the start of one of the largest comedy festivals in the world, as some of the best underground comedians from around the United States will be performing at the world famous New York City Underground Comedy Festival. Some of the largest underground venues, including the HA Comedy Theater, the Broadway Comedy Club, Comix, and the Gotham Comedy Club will be hosting events all week with many of the events going for a small price (sometimes even free!). The laughs will begin Tomorrow night, and will continue till the 12th. For more information and event schedules, please visit this website

Now, if you guys are using this event as a crutch for that cute girl you met at the party this weekend, maybe it would be a solid idea to take this girl out for some dinner before laughing all night. For a good bite to eat, try out John’s Pizzeria. Located on 260 W 44th between 8th and Fashion Ave., John’s is host to some of the best pizza in the pizza capital of the United States. The restaurant sits within the confines of an old cathedral, which gives it a great atmosphere to snack down on some delicious eats. And, since your a broke college kid, it is a safe bet that you won’t spend more than 30 bucks.

So, now you got your weekend down, all you need to do is find the girl…

Well, I really can’t help you out on that one, but maybe my friend here can help you out…

-Matt Goulet

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2 Responses to “St. John’s in the City”

  1. sjuonlinenews Says:

    Bo Burnham = awesomeness

    Is he gonna perform somewhere?


  2. sjuonlinenews Says:

    I wish dude, but he’s gonna be in the UK this weekend for some shows out there. That would be incredible though!


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