St. John’s and the City

What’s going on St. John’s,

This weeks edition of St. John’s in the city has something we can all enjoy (and its free!)
So, do you all remember when we were kids and we would have our friends over to play video games (or have a slumber party for the female viewer) and we would just stay up all night? They were great times. My favorite part of most of those nights, though, had nothing to do with the video games or the makeup. It actually involved two things, my pillow and my head. No, not the nap I would take the day after.

No, what I’m really talking about is…


Do you want to relieve those days as a kid? Well, this Saturday, you can. All you need to do is take that E train and your favorite 300 thread count, goose-feathered pillow down to Union Square a little before 6PM and be ready to swing at a bunch of strangers. There are few rules involved, so feel free to swing away all day (and be sure to look inconspicuous). For a full set of details, follow this link

Now, this will only last for about 15 minutes, and i know all you guys will be hungry after, so while you are at Union Square, feel free to grab a bite to eat at Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Located on 870 Broadway between 17th and 18th, you will be welcomed to that great burger joint we all remember from one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows as a kid, All That. Hopefully they treat you better than this Good Burger customer…

For the record, this is a homework assignment. I was forced to blog this…

-Matt Goulet

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