Through the Turnstile: Fast Food Delivery

Delivery guys from around the area bring food to St. John’s students at least 40 times a day, and that’s just counting 5 fast-food places.

A Vincenzo’s delivery man, who went by Tom, told me he comes to STJ about 20 times a day, pretty much half of his daily deliveries. Papa John’s said they make 10-15 deliveries a day. Joe (He couldn’t have picked a faker name) from Yummy Taco said he made 8 deliveries yesterday.

The Chinese restaurant Number One records between 5-8 daily, and a guy from Dominos said he only comes here 2-3 times a day. No one at Chef’s Garden or Yummy would talk to me without knowing if I wanted to pay with cash or credit first, but I would estimate at least 5 deliveries from both of them combined.

All those deliveries and so little tips.

Yummy Taco Joe said he gets about $1 dollar for each of his deliveries to STJ, a whopping $7-$8 compared with the $80 in tips he gets throughout the whole day. Both Dominoes and Number One said that STJ students don’t tip that well, if they tip at all.

Vincenzo’s Tom wasn’t mad at the students saying, “they’re pretty good…I get a little less than half of my daily tips from them.”

And the Papa John’s delivery guy almost killed me when I asked.

“College students don’t tip, they’re all broke,” he said. “Why would you even ask me that?” To his credit, he had just waited in the lobby for about 10 minutes for two girls who told him to ‘keep the change’ before running off with their pizzas. It was 36 cents, but at least they didn’t ask for it back.

Read some crazy delivery stories here.

-Jonnathan Coleman

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