Stuff We’re Loving: Ronald Jenkees

What’s going on St. John’s,

It’s early, and i have no idea what i am doing up right now. Remind me not to take a 7:30 class next semester.

Well, since I’m in here, I might as well be a little productive.

So, this semester has opened my eyes up to some new and interesting things when it comes to the internet life. Plenty of new youtubes and websites have caught my eyes, but the one that has kept me coming back for more has been this man, Ronald Jenkees. The first time I saw his video for Throwing Fire, I became very skeptical of what he was all about. Three minutes later, I was in awe of what i just saw.

Straight from his small shack in Kentucky, Jenkees has been laying down some of the most intense beats I have heard in a long time. His Nerd-like appearance and welcoming “Hello Youtubes” has caught the attention of not only the public, but artist such as Chris Brown and Papa Roach, who have worked with him on tracks and given him much praise. Even Bill Simmons uses his beats as an opening to his weekly podcast. His beats can be heard all over the internet, and also can be purchased on his website.

Hopefully you will catch onto him just like I did, because he is one of the good guys in the music bizz who is trying to make it big.

For the record, this is a homework assignment. I was forced to blog this…

-Matt Goulet

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2 Responses to “Stuff We’re Loving: Ronald Jenkees”

  1. Lynecia B. Says:

    Wow. I think I hear a Chaka Khan sample in there….!! He’s awesome!

  2. David G Says:

    Well, it’s simple. Ronald Jenkees is the greatest thing that ever lived or even existed, and I’m including everything: animal, vegetable, and mineral. RJ is the King of Beats and Roll, and the world knows it!

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