Beyond Gate 6: Old Yankee, New Yankee

yankee stadium

Players and Fans- old and new- mourned the closing of 85-year-old Yankee stadium last night. Fans lined up outside dawning their favorite Yankee jerseys and shirts with “I was there” sprawled across their chests, tears on their cheeks and cameras in hand. The NY Times made the closing of the stadium their cover story today as many recounted their favorite memories of the stadium.

Although I’m not a die-hard Yankee fan [I will even go as far to say that i’m not particularly a baseball fan either] but I can certainly appreciate the dedication that these fans have shown over the past 85 years. Before the game fans, with tickets, were allowed to walk the field one last time- snapping pictures along the way.

The fire has even spread to the St. John’s University staff! At the closing of my Literature in Media class this morning my teacher gave a rather sentimental account of her days as a “born, bred and raised Yankee fan” in her younger years. She said she could remember being sent home from school early to listen on the radio the last inning of the Yankees playing in the world series o. [They lost that year]

The Times affectionately remembers the the ball park in the Bronx as “the symbol of New York City’s appetite for victory, hero worship and the way things used to be.”

The new stadium will open in April.

R.I.P Yankee Stadium, you will be missed.

– Rachel S.

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