St. John’s Survival Guide

What’s going on St. Johners,

Coming from someone who comes from a foreign land (or New Hampshire), I know how tough it is for some of you freshman to go out and meet new friends, when you have many friends from back home that you have bonded with over the past 12 years. Trust me guys, you are going to make plenty of friends out here, but don’t ever forget those friends you have grown to love and hate back home.

What I would recommend to you newbies here at this beautiful school is to keep in touch with your friends back home whenever you have time. Now, I don’t mean texting them on the weekend when you are having a little too much fun (guilty of that one), but if you can make a phone call at least once or twice a week to those few who you consider to be your closest friends, it will help you out a whole lot. Not only will it help cure those cases of home-sickness, but those friends will help you through those tough times and give you the confidence you need to meet more people out here in Jamaica.

Lets just hope your friends back home are like this…

For the record, this is a homework assignment. I was forced to blog this…

-Matt Goulet

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