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It appears that MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) is still around; but not for long. Yesterday MTV announced that they would be canceling the show in November. TRL was on the front line of the music industry in the early 2000’s but has since become a small role in the very big digital music revolution. TRL shot to the top of the music video world with hosts like Carson Daly and Vanessa Minnilo.

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In other news –

16 people were killed today at the U.S. Embassy compound in Yemen. According to the New York Times Militants described as soldiers detonated to bombs outside the compound. No Americans or embassy employees were killed. Yemen guards and Civilians were among the dead.

Follow the developments here

– Yesterday’s Mexican Independence day celebrations were interrupted by an explosion in Morelia the hometown of Mexican President Felipe Calderónin the state of Michoacán. The explosion killed seven people and injured over 100. Drug cartels were blamed for the attack.

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And finally – In china 3 babies have died from tainted baby formula. Over 6,200 babies have gotten ill from the formula which contains the same chemical involved in last year’s massive pet food recall. Read up about it here.

See some pictures Here

Here is a recap of the AP’s top stories –

– Jose Silva

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