The Angry Johnnie: Book Sales [womp womp]

It never fails, each and every semester in the begining of the school year I’m shoved into a stuffy classroom with “some of the best teachers and professionals still in the business” and year after year I have the same question for each and every one of them: If you’re the best in the field why do I need to pay 175 dollars for the “best” textbook when I can just learn everything I need to know from you?

I understand that the textbooks are required to coplememnt the information given in class [and of course I still buy them] but why do they have to be so expensive? It isn’t like there aren’t 89247932 other students in America reaching out for the exact textbook, can’t they at least lower the prices just a little bit? 

This semester alone I’ve spent nearly 800 dollars on textbooks… that is nearly enough to put a reasonably sized down-payment on a car. In the words of my mother “that is utterly ridiculous.”

Of course, we’ve all resulted to the dipping and diving, bidding and buying of books on “discount” sites such as amazon and ebay but if a person is willing to sell a 100 dollar book for ONLY 17.00 then, perhaps that’s all the book is actually worth. I can’t help but feel violated by these textbook authors and the audacity of their prices. 

But the problem doesn’t stop there… oh no, it certainly doesn’t.

At the end of the year St. John’s University gives each student the chance to “sell back” their books. But somtimes the editions seem to have miraculously disappersared. So upon plopping my text book down on the desk, I am greet with a rather smug “hello” by the clerk, folowed the scanning of the barcode after which I am quickly told “this book no longer holds any value.”  To which my reply is always “well, where did the class go?” 

In my opinion we pay ENOUGH money to go to school, buying books should be the last thing sending me into an early grave.


-Rachel S.

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