Stuff we’re loving: iPhone Shazam

Music app for iPhone

Music app for iPhone

How many times have you been in a restaurant or walking down the street and heard a song that you totally love, but have no idea who’s singing it and no idea how to find out? All the time right? Yeah, me too.

Enter – the magic of Shazam. It’s available in the form of a free app for the Apple iPhone and, it’s awesome. I heard the same song at five different runway shows when I was covering Fashion Week and was itching to know the artist. Held up the iPhone, waited for the buzz, and SHAZAM – I found out in under a minute the artist and title: Santogold, L.E.S. Artistes [See video].

Too bad we can’t go back in time with this app and try our luck here:

— Prof. J


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