St. John’s Survival Guide: Five tips for four years

1. Go Out: Campus life can get boring. Students go home on the weekends and events aren’t that exciting. If you want to have fun during your college experience, don’t rely on STJ events. Try looking at sites like Citysearch, NYmag, and Metromix to see what’s really going on.


2. Don’t eat fast food every single day: The dining hours suck. But if you can make it to dinner before 8:30 p.m., do it. Before you know it, you’ll be eating General Tso’s chicken and 5-5-5 everyday, and you’ll end up broke and out of shape. That sucks more.                                                                     

 3. Have no regrets: College is going to fly by, don’t graduate looking back on a bunch of things you should have done but never got around to. It’s simple, get around to them now.


4. Don’t get trashed every single day: Unless you can manage to pull off good grades while doing so, you should try to get trashed in moderation. College is about getting a degree; but don’t be completely sober while doing it. That’s boring.


5. Don’t fold under peer pressure and start smoking a pack a day: If you made it to college a non-smoker, consider yourself lucky and try to keep it that way. It’s unhealthy and unattractive. Plus, there are other hobbies that help relieve stress…try yoga.



-Jonnathan Coleman

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