What’s Happening Inside Gate 6…

Hey happy St. John readers…

I know all of you are looking for something to do on this rainy night. Since going out is not much of an option (unless you forgot to shower today), why not get your friends together, hang out in your cozy dorm room, grab whatever is left at the C Store,and watch one of the most incredible stories in movie history. At 7 PM on Bravo (since most of you guy don’t watch it, channel 26) , you can watch my friend Silvester Stalone beat up some chumps in Rocky. Now, you may be saying to yourself “Well, That’s a great film, but that doesn’t make much of a night.”Well then, stay up a little longer (6 mour hours) and watch Rocky beat up on Apollo (again), Mr. T, and some Russian dude in Rocky 2, 3 and 4. Plus, Happy Gilmore’s trainer, Chubbs is in it, so why miss out out on that! If that is not enough, here is a little boost for you…

If that doesn’t suit, you can always jump in the puddles, I guess.

For the record, this is a homework assignment. I was forced to blog this…

-Matt Goulet

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